Friday, October 06, 2006

The annals of civil disobedience, or, what about those redlight cameras they got in Houston?

We understand from reading the blogs that some people in Houston are upset about the redlight cameras that have been installed around Baghdad on the Bayou.

It's criticized as a revenue-generating scheme by Mayor White and/or an invasion of privacy or maybe a violation of unreasonably search and seizure, which we believe is unconstitutional.

If any of the above describes you, or maybe if you just wanna "mess with The Man," you might be interested in some products in the marketplace that can make your license plates impervious to the intrusive redlight cameras.

We're not suggesting you do this. Personally, I've been told "you drive like an old woman," cause I don't press the pedal to the metal sufficiently and don't feel a need to run redlights. (I likes to take in the scenery.)

And such products, apparently, are illegal, so you may not want to go this route.

But if you want to "fight the power," that may not matter.

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