Friday, September 29, 2006

Sweet revenge for Slampo?

The mercurial minds employed by New Times, the "alternative weekly" newspaper chain based in Phoenix that owns The Houston Press, have seen fit to name Slampo's Place the best city life blog in their annual "best of" issue.

We could not help but let out an ironic guffaw when we read this last night, as many media insiders in Houston know full well that Slampo once ran the editorial side of The Houston Press, til he was uncermoniously "let go" by the cabal in Arizona for reasons few people in Houston understood.

This occurred, oh, maybe a decade or so ago. Time fades away, ya know.

Still, we hope this richly deserved honor provides some measure of satisfaction for Slampo, though we would not bet on it.

Keep on truckin', Slampo.


Kevin said...

Ha, what an inspired choice!

Especially since Slampo was not even on the HP blogroll until you most helpfully pointed out that they should add him. So I hope he splits at least some of the proceeds with ya! :)

Is there any idea how HP chooses these things? Votes by all of the regular editorial staff? Does Margaret Downing get a vote? ;)

Banjo Jones said...

not sure how they handle the mechanics of it but in the past i know there was a lot of moaning and bitching every year when the "best of" deadline approached.

Anonymous said...

Being so "alternative," I understand the HP choices are made while smoking sativa in the wrong kind of pipe.