Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The OU snafu

Why couldn't the NCAA hold a special emergency executive committee meeting and rule that neither Oklahoma nor Oregon won the game last Saturday?

Keep the individual player stats intact, for post-season honor possibilities, but no win and no loss for either team, since a bad call by the official robbed OU of what probably was a sure win.

Is this a nutty idea? Anyone?


Kevin said...

I keep hearing sports talkers say that solution "would set a terrible precedent."

Umm, isn't it setting a bad precedent to have the power to correct a major phuckup and not to?

I dunno. I'm a Sooner fan, so I'm biased. I've actually heard about enough on the topic. Everyone knows what went down. Let's get on with the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Huh?! Banjo, old sport, the Grand USA is not about freakin' "ties." We want "victory," bludgeonings adorned with blood-letting and ass-kickings. Ties? What the $#@!#@$#@! Have you turned Rural Gay?

Banjo Jones said...

i didn't say "tie."
no win, no loss, no tie.
not linear enough for ya, eh.