Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not good vibrations

At the Chevron Phillips Chemical Complex in Sweeny "high vibrations" were reported. It being way too far from the new sex toy boutique in Freeport, the humming and buzzing and shaking were determined to be linked to a "process gas compressor" and not a new shipment of merchandise to said boutique, so engineers shut down Ethylene Unit 33, resulting in these reportable emissions:

1,3-BUTADIENE 150.0 lbs (est.)
Acetylene 10.0 lbs (est.)
Benzene 75.0 lbs (est.)
Butane 50.0 lbs (est.)
Butenes 25.0 lbs (est.)
Carbon Monoxide 7900.0 lbs (est.)
Ethane 2900.0 lbs (est.)
Ethylene (gaseous) 2900.0 lbs (est.)
Methane 2800.0 lbs (est.)
Nitric oxide 1100.0 lbs (est.)
Nitrogen dioxide 60.0 lbs (est.)
Pentane 300.0 lbs (est.)
Propane 740.0 lbs (est.)
Propylene (Propene) 1000.0 lbs (est.)

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