Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keepin' it real in Lake Jackson

As much as Lake Jackson longs to be like Sugarland. And Pearland. And The Woodlands (even though it still doesn't have a Starbucks), the self-proclaimed "City of Enchantment" can't bring itself to banish truckers and wrecker drivers from its quiet residential streets.

They're part of the local charm, so far as we're concerned. It's oddly comforting to awaken in the pre-dawn to the sounds of a diesel engine getting warmed up. It tells you, "No, I'm not dead. Yet. Still suckin' air. And the nation's commerce continues for at least another day."

And the more wrecker drivers within whistlin' distance, the better.

So bully for the Lake Jackson City Council for keepin' it real.

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