Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blogrollin': Beware the stingray barb, Dylan sings and Slampo yawns, Okie police chief's wife gits nekkid on the Web, Kinky confirms suspicions

Sometimes, but not often, someone will take the time to impart some interesting information in the "comments" section of a blog (unfortunately, too often commenters just want to be smart asses or "funny," and yes, I am guilty of that); be that as it may, over on Leigh Hopper's Medblog a guy named Lazarus imparted some of his knowledge about stingrays that he acquired while surf fishing on the coast of the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas and what the stingray that killed "Croc Hunter" Steve Irvin may have been "thinking" when he killed the TV personality. Banjo says check it out.
I have not heard the new Dylan album but probably will buy it here before too long and give it a listen. Slampo wasn't impressed but says he'll give it another listen before too long. I've seen Mr. Dylan probably half a dozen times in person. The weird thing is, more often than not, I come away from those appearances thinking, "Bob's just not a very good live performer. I wish he wouldn't rearrange his great old songs and sing 'em so fast and mumble so gawdamm much cause I can't even tell what song he's singin' half the time. I doubt I'll go back to see him."

But I always do. Cause he's Bob Dylan, a real living legend. I watch the History Channel, too. Probably too much. But I do.
Kevin Whited at PubliusTX noticed the ruckus in Snyder, Oklahoma, where there's quite a stir over the porno Web site that the police chief's wife appeared on. What's even weirder is that the TV coverage that we saw, in which the police chief appeared before reporters to complain about how unfair it all was to his wife's right to free speech, he was wearing a UT Longhorn cap. Now, if your wife showing herself engaging in certain sexual acts on a Web site and you not realizin' it's not the right thing to do doesn't qualify you for the DumbAss of the Year Award, then wearing a Longhorn cap in smalltown Oklahoma while appearing on TV to defend your wife's right to appear on a Web site engaging in certain sexual acts sure as hell should qualify you for the honorable mention runner-up DumbAss of the Year Award.
The Houston Press "Houstoned" blogger, Steve Devadanam, showed up at Kinky Friedman's press conference the other day and confirmed what we've suspected for a long time now: Kinky Friedman is an asshat.


Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Ha! Kannichi Wa!

The simple immediate treatment of a sting ray wound is heat. Immerse the wound in the hottest water that you can tolerate, the toxin is heat sensitive.

Of course, seek medical treatment as a long term followup if necessary.

Stingray leather is about the most durable of any species (exceeding elephant and shark), a good pair of Lucchese stingray boots will cost you over $700.

If you want to determine whether a politician is worth a damn, check out the type of leather their boots are made from and how they take their hat on and off (by crown or by brim).


Banjo Jones said...

interesting MOTYR. especially about the boots. you have any?