Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The 3rd man behind National Lampoon

A rich Dallas businessman died the other day of leukemia; Few members of the public knew he played a big role in the success of National Lampoon a long time ago when he was a 21-year-old business wiz out of Harvard.
[dallas observer blog]
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Mouth of the Yellow River said...

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!

Mr. Banjo. I was beginning to believe you only had a sentimental vein when it came to animals and your pets. But now you changed my mind.

Along these lines, you missed the passing of that pioneer Texas artist Mr. Jack (Jaxon) Jackson, founder of Rip Off Press and those great irreverant characters "The Furry Freak Brothers" and the strip "God Nose."

But maybe that was before your time (most of us think the world began when we suddenly appeared on the scene, right?)

He took the fairly radical route out as did our fellow pace-setting journalists and writers, Earnest Hemingway and Hunter (Gonzo Journalism) Thompson, as early onset arthritis crippled those talented fingers and other earthly maladies set in.

I'm thinking if the Brazoria County Gonzos ever consider this route out, what would be more appropriate than ashes shot over the Dow Chemical Cooling canal, or maybe the Mouth of the San Bernard (but shit, it's dry land now).

Banjo Jones said...

i surely do remember the furry freak bros.

thanks for that link.

fare thee well, Jack.