Wednesday, July 12, 2006

While I was away ...

...the main thing that irritated me was hearing the John Lennon song, "All You Need Is Love," being used to help peddle usurious Chase Bank credit cards in a TV commercial. Damn you, Michael Jackson. Damn you to hell.

Also, I got this email from Angleton-based journalist Micheal Boddy, of the late Angleton Observor, which has gone belly-up after attempting to fill the breach left by the demise of the Angelton Times, which is owned by the company that puts out the local paper in Clute. We hope the readers of The Brazosport News will patronize the new digital newspaper that Micheal and his wife Susan will be producing.

Here's Boddy's email in its entirely:

Going Internet all the way with the soon to be Weekly Journal of Angleton, Danbury, and Rosharon. The site will be located at and has a coming soon notice on it probably until Wednesday of next week.
The Angleton Observer was a victim of success with expanding page counts and printing bills, and slower paying big corporate clients. We just ran out of cash and time before the big boys paid on their 90 cycles.
Should have it fully operational by July 27.
Also Susan and I have nothing to do with the Angleton Advocate, a weekly newspaper in Angleton that began last week and has generated a total of 18 pages in the last two weeks. The owner of it is allegedly Stacey Barnhart, former partner and advertising director of The Observer, but she's yet to put her name, or anyone's name, on a masthead.
Don't really care, as long as no one thinks Susan and I are involved with it.

I'll try to get back in the swing of things blog-wise, but I'm not making any promises. Other than the Mouth of the Brazos, I don't think any of you really missed me, which is a great source of sadness and disappointment. After all I've done for you, well, I expected more.



Anonymous said...

I, for one, miss your oblique references to poet-genius Dylan, all of which apparently went unheeded by the power-brokers of corporate America.

H. Brute
Sharpstown, TX

Jim said...

Banjo: I missed you. At least I noticed you weren't posting to your blog.

equarles said...

been waiting for you to come back. said a week, and it's been two.
I think it's chicken crap to print a newspaper and not put a masthead in it.

Bill said...

Welcome back.

Corey said...

It should be noted that I, at least, was checking regularly to see if you had updated. Be it ever so unimportant, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I missed you, Banjo!

JD Allen said...

How can one NOT miss a man who displays a Crumb drawing prominently in his blog?

BTW: I always aspired to be - not just emulate, BE - Mr. Natural.

Slampo said...

I missed you, Banjo-nus.

Don said...

Summer doldrums... get back to work already.