Friday, July 28, 2006

When you exceed the limit on total suspended solids, the long arm of the law can't be far behind

We are shocked and dismayed to learn the City of Brazoria has joined the weekly list of environmental scofflaws in The Texas Register.

(3) COMPANY: City of Brazoria; DOCKET NUMBER: 2006-0502-MWD-E; IDENTIFIER: RN101613552; LOCATION: Brazoria, Brazoria County, Texas; TYPE OF FACILITY: wastewater treatment; RULE VIOLATED: 30 TAC §305.125(1), Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) Permit Number WQ0014581001, Effluent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements Numbers 1 and 6, and the Code, §26.121(a), by failing to comply with the permitted effluent limits for ammonia-nitrogen (NH3N), total suspended solids (TSS), five-day carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD5), flow, and dissolved oxygen (DO); PENALTY: $5,112; ENFORCEMENT COORDINATOR: Catherine Albrecht, (713) 767-3500; REGIONAL OFFICE: 5425 Polk Avenue, Suite H, Houston, Texas 77023-1486, (713) 767-3500.

[texas register]

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