Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Gem Saloon welcomes you

Deadwood is on HBO tonight, which reminds me that there's a new blogger in Brazoria. His name is Swearengen and he runs The Gem Saloon.

Swearengen sent me an email, saying that me, Mouth of the Brazos and The Weekly Journal had inspired him to do a blog.

All I can say is, don't blame me Swearengen.

My main advice to him was don't worry about what other people think and to have fun. I also tried to explain the difference between it's and its, which even the professional newspaper writers get wrong sometimes and which Swearengen says he knew but sometimes gets mixed up about.

Anyhow, in his second post, Swearengen bashes the City of Freeport and its use of eminent domain, drawing on his own considerable background in the forlorn seaside town. Yes, the eminent domain issue is well-trod ground, but the more merrier, say we.

He also works in a nice allusion to Deadwood (one of my favorite shows on the TV) in working over the Freeport powers-that-be, to wit:

It's a shame to see such a historic area thrown to Wu's pigs in the name of eminent domain, and the current political leaders in Freeport responsible for this travesty, not having the decency to step away from the project, should be ousted from their public positions in shame.

So give 'em hell, Swearengen.


Swearengen said...

Thanks Banjo!

It's going to take a lot of work to make my writing readable for anonymous, since he/she/it is so sensitive to correct grammar.

While I will make a reasonable effort to accomodate anonymous by diligent study, the phrase "fuck off and die" does come to mind.

Of course I would never say anything like that to a reader of the New Yorker, knowing full well how "the vapors" overtake such sensitive souls.

Anonymous said...

THE GEM SALOON is fine, fine "Rural Texas 'ritin. It is, however, yet another bombed-out dirt road for readers of good grammar to navigate. He has no grasp of proper sentence contruction and appears to favor the sentence fragment. Plus, he really should get the names right. It's "Stephen" King, not "Steven" King; that is, if he is referring to the horror novelist. But perhaps this Steven King is a local writer. The name carries the ring of one, in any case. You know, one of those writers looking for a niche in "Trucking/Oil Roustabout novels." I give him a month before he drives everyone dizzy with his amusing grammar.

Banjo Jones said...

it's a free country, anonymous. i think you're exaggerating for comic effect. that's good. that hyperbole shit. keep it comin'. give us a link to your blog.

Swearengen said...

A month? He gives me a month?

Wow! He thinks I'll last longer than I did...

I guess I should take that as a compliment of sorts.

Now what are we going to do about those bats?