Saturday, June 24, 2006

Salt Wars: Dow pooh-poohs national security, sings, "This brine if our brine, this brine ain't your brine..."

To hell with national security.


The federal government wants to increase the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and is looking at the humongous salt dome at Stratton Ridge that Dow Chemical Co. uses for its supply of brine.

Dow doesn't want the feds intruding on its turf, which it claims it sold unwillingly. (Private property rights/eminent domain critics, take note.)

The Chamber of Commerce has fallen into line and says "thousands" of jobs could be lost. And think of the taxes Dow pays to state and local governments that may be jeopardized, the local CofC honchette says.

No one's said the sky is falling -- yet -- but that's coming, we're sure.

It's sort of like when environmental legislation comes up in Austin and state Rep. Dennis "The Menace" Bonnen of Angleton predicts "thousands" of jobs would be affected. And then the environmental legislation goes kablooey.

But this is national security, so it's different, no? Yes?

Congressman Ron "The Grumpy Gynecologist" Paul is on the case.
[the local paper].


kschlenker said...

The company was noticably vague on just how many of the 6000 jobs would be affected...and didn't mention that there probably would be new hirings by the fed which would take up some of those layoffs (if any layoffs even occur). It just doesn't sound like there really are any jobs that would be affected, more likely, just someone's bottom line. Typical scare tactic.

Anonymous said...

It could be that Dow financiallly doesn't want the public and the government to find out about things it could have disposed of out there.