Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paradise lost: beach shacks have to be moved

After two long years, the state of Texas finally has ordered 42 beach homes on Surfside Beach to be removed cause on they're on the public easement due to erosion.

See, the grass didn't grow back cause the beach is disappearing. No beach, no vegetation line. That salt water is hell on plant life.

Naturally, the beach homeowners say it's unfair.

One told the local Clute daily today that it's Man's fault -- the Brazos River was diverted, thus depriving the beach of precious sand to replenish itself.

He fails to mention the river was diverted in 1929.

Pretty sure he bought the house and land after that.

Another homeowner told the paper, "Hell, it's my house."


Take it away.

But it can't be on public land. That water's lapping up under your TV room at high tide, fella.

So, of course, it's up to the state (ie., all of us) to pay them for their loss.


The state, via Land Commish Jerry Patterson, has extended an olive branch of sorts. The displaced beach shack owners can apply for up to $40K in state aid to remove their homes. (State aid=the public till.)

This is more than generous, though ill-advised, on Patterson's part, but probably worth it in the long run if it'll avoid the courthouse.

It won't. There'll be lawsuits galore. A field day for the lawyers.

It's all really simple. The beach is disappearing and will continue to disappear. That's the nature of barrier islands. It's what they do.

You buys a beach house, you takes your chances. It's not our fault. It's yours, dummy.

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