Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Techie Beat: The low buzz of Foldera getting louder

Yesterday there was a 4-for-1 stock split for Foldera, the California-based company that could change the way you organize your Inbox in the future.

The application, now in beta phase, could throw a monkey wrench into the upcoming product launches like Office Live from Microsoft, says TechCrunch.

You'd hate it if Microsoft hit a speed bump, we know.

Foldera is

free, secure and easy-to-use service that instantly organizes workflow. Foldera combines web-based email, instant messaging, document manager, task manager, calendar, contact manager and sharable folders into a unified productivity suite, available with a single login from any web browser. Foldera also has the unique ability to instantly sort and file your sent and incoming email, instant message dialogs, documents, tasks and events into folders, on a project-by-project basis, chronologically and in real-time.

Foldera's proprietary technology differs from competing collaboration products in a number of important ways:

Easier and faster to set-up and use
Organizes activities, teams and information automatically
Enables participants to communicate specifically in the context of each project and activity
Archives everything instantly
Notifies all participants of changes automatically and at the same time
Secures critical information instantly
Accessible remotely from a single centralized location on the Web
Enables participants to manage multiple projects, teams and information from one interface
No hardware or software to buy or maintain
Free to users.


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Michael Sampson said...

Thanks for pointing everyone in our direction. We are working around-the-clock to get Foldera out to everyone who requested beta accounts. Indeed, as you say, we look forward to helping everyone organize their Inbox better going forward. Foldera provides an integrated way for keeping your communication, documents, calendars and tasks in order and ready for sharing. I hope you'll try it out and give us your feedback and suggestions.

Warm regards,

Michael Sampson
Global VP of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Foldera, Inc.