Thursday, May 04, 2006

Management usually protects its own

'Tis always nice to see where former colleagues in the newspaper business end up.

Rich Luna, for example.

A former assistant city editor at The Houston Post, Luna had gone on to one of the papers in the Detroit, where he held a management position from which he was banished, only to land in Ventura, Calif. (a nice place!) where he accepted another high-profile position as managing editor for a Scripps-Howard daily.

During his stint at the Houston Post, Luna, a former wire service sportswriter, was championed by Gerald Garca, the last editor of The Post who distinguished himself by the special guidance he gave female staff members.

Luna was management material on the newside of things, Garcia decreed, and so it was, and so shall it remained. It was the sporting world's loss.

After The Houston Post shut down, and after being shown the door in Detrot, Luna stayed on the news side of the business, where his management style continued to impress upper management, drawing the attention of such industry watchers as Editor & Publisher.

Luna's interest in sports has remained keen throughout the years despite the obvious talents he brings to the news pages.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Luna is a complete idiot. Zero management skills. Sleazy. Ass kisser. You name it.