Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Benzene with a backbeat?

Out-of-towners are always amused that there's actually a town in Brazoria County named Liverpool.

Liverpool, England, you may have read somewhere, is famous for being the hometown of The Beatles, a musical group that rose to prominence in the 1960s and helped popularize the "long hair" look that became popular among young males that can still be seen today among approximately 12 percent of the Western Hemisphere's male population.

Liverpool, Texas, a teeny town here in Brazoria County, is famous for nothing. Long-haired males occassionally are spotted out in public, but the look is not encouraged, and the local chemical plant, Equistar Chemicals Chocolate Bayou Complex, last week released close to 500 pounds of benzene cause the power went out.

Liverpool, Texas, will not become "famous" for this, or anything else unless a spate of serial killings break out, cause benzene gets "released" every so often all up and down the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas.

Even so, if there's nothing else to hang your hat on in a teeny Texas town, at this exact, particular moment in time, Liverpool, Texas very likely had the biggest benzene release occurring in the world. Or at least in the USofA. Or maybe just Texas. Whatever the case, no one will remember it for very long. Maybe if someone wrote a song about it they'd remember. But we're pretty sure it wouldn't get any radio play.

But what if The Beatles wrote and recorded the benzene song? With a driving backbeat and a catchy chorus? Oh, yeah, that's not gonna happen. The band broke up, we heard. And half of them are dead, too.
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Duardo said...

..The Beatles were never a band to chase late into the night. They sucked, in fact. You should try listening to Los Lobos, as you did that one day in 1989. Or maybe anything by Doug Sahm & The Boys. Beatles and Liverpool? What a drag...

Ghost of Bob Eckhardt said...

Banjo, the trouble with you modern neo-Yuppies is that you think the world began in synchrony with your awareness of it.

Otherwise you would know that Liverpool was named by a British Commodore Nelson for his hometown and a major shipping point for trade in the new Republic of Texas in 1837.

It was for a time the home of Texas pioneer from Germany, Rudolph Kleberg in late 1836 whose descendants were the founders of the King Ranch.

Brazoria County Federation of Women's Clubs, History of Brazoria County (1940). James A. Creighton, A Narrative History of Brazoria County (Angleton, Texas: Brazoria County Historical Commission, 1975).

Banjo Jones said...

major shipping point?

what the hell happened?

Ghost of Bob Eckhardt said...

The Missouri Pacific, railroads in general, and then Monsanto.

They seemed like a free lunch in terms of profit relative to flatboats on Chocolate into the Bay, or over the bar out San Luis that was even harder! There was no ICW in those days.

Banjo Jones said...

you learn something every day, even if you are a neo yuppie