Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Enron defense working in blog comments

Behold the power of The Blog!

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Yes!

Can it sway a jury? The general public?


Loren Steffy, the business columnist for the Houston daily who's been blogging the Lay/Skilling Enron trial, has been getting multiple comments from the law firm of Dan Petrocelli, the LA-based lawyer for Skilling.

In all, Steffy counts 15 comments from the law firm's IP address.

Not surprisingly, some of the comments argue for the defense side of the case.

Writes Steffy: "Talk about trying the case in the press."

He should check to see if he's getting comments from the government's IP addresses.

Not that there would be anything wrong with that. There are no rules in Bloggerville. It's just one big free-for-all. That's part of its charm.

But maybe lawyers have rules for such behavior. Any lawyers out there care to comment? Anyone?
[loren steffy]

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