Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bad billboards


The jakelegs at Gulf Coast Auto Park have launched a new billboard campaign telling us to "Shop Naked."

Have you been to Wal-Mart lately?

There are, like, 0.01 percent of those people I'd want to see naked, especially in a car lot.

The "Shop Naked" campaign is pretty daring for Brazoria County (which is "Where Texas Began") but one that is ill-fitting.

How are you supposed to explain to your elementary-age child what "shop naked" means?

I suggest everyone tell Gulf Coast Auto Park to immediately pull this billboard campaign, which is an affront to decency.
I say BOYCOTT Gulf Coast Auto Park til they do the right thing.

Must everything be sexualized in this culture?

Is it not enough that we're subjected to incessant erectile dysfunction commercials on every sports show on the TV?

And what about the rap music? Bitches and ho's, bitches and ho's.

And those vehicle window decals showing the boy urinating.

Can't they do anything the old fashioned way anymore?

If you want to sell us some damn cars, just tell us what you have, that you're friendly and honest, etc., etc. Don't tell us to shop naked.  Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Banjo, you have nailed it, this problem in modern society. If Brazoria County is going down the tubes, what is left?

Diane White said...

Nothing would make me want to avoid the place more than a "Shop Naked" sign. Not only that, but it would cement in my mind that I NEVER want to shop there in the future.

It's desparate; a sure sign of a company that's about to go belly-up.

Jo said...

Brazoria County going down the tubes?

Just a week or so ago my husband said he'd seen a few MS13 gang members hanging out at the local icehouse on karaoke night. When I asked how he knew who they were, he told me they had it tattooed on their necks (or somewhere else on their bodies possibly, I don't exactly recall).

It seems like the local police would be able to do something. But as my husband often quotes "Seems?I know not seems." He says it's from Hamlet.

As far as the sign, others have used the "shop in your underwear" to try and draw business to their websites. I guess that didn't work so they're kickin it up a notch.

Yes, I say it's offensive, but we as a society have become numbed by the constant barrage of garbage and gloom blasted at us every day, all day long.

A crazy lady I used to work with walked around all the time saying, "End times. We're living in end times." I believe it.

JD Allen said...

Well, don't try and do what the sign says. I went in there and they stopped me just after I got my shirt off.

Bait and switch, is what it is. I'm suing.

Anonymous said...

It's not to stand naked under unknowing eyes, but for myself and my friends my stories are sung.

-- the poet Dylan, circa 1964

H. Brute
Sharpstown, TX

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this mean in the privacy of your own home online at a computer terminal in the state I'm in while writing this response?

Anyway, point well taken in regard to a sexually obsessed and confused society gone rampant.

But just think, if we quit it, the Islamo-Facist Imams would have nothing on which to rally the troops; profits in Hollywood would cut in half; TV dribble shows from Oprah to Greta no filler predator and rape sex crime stories to go over and over; and lots of bored holier than thou's would have no focus.

Rich /Angleton said...

I saw this billboard, and just thought it was stupid. It really is a defining example of bad advertising.

Liberty said...

Looks like I'm in the minority on this one.
The sign is advertising a web site. Shopping on the web doesn't involve having to get dressed. I don't understand what being naked has to do with morality, or even sexuality.
Some main stream journalist a while ago thought there was something amoral about people blogging in their pajamas, I didn't understand that. Am I the only only that doesn't believe that one needs to be dressed to make a purchase on the internet.

Cristian said...

I agree with Liberty. Y'all have your panties all up in a wad over nothing. Get over yourselves. I'm more concerned about the overt violence in our films and television programming. Over in Europe, they don't get in a hissy over this kind of thing, but they detest violence. And their crime rate has been great! Hell, even the London police don't carry guns (at least, I don't remember them carrying).

This reminds me of walking in the mall in Longview, where my wife is from. All around town, there are billboards that say "True Love Waits", meaning save your virginity until marriage. There's even an empty storefront with that same billboard covering the entrance! But what do we see while walking? Too many pregnant teenagers or young moms walking around. Yeah, those conservative abstinence policies are REALLY working, huh?

Jo said...

Hey Cristian,
I'm not wearing any panties right now because I had some really good sex last night and I'm planning on having some more today. And the last time I voted it was straight ticket Republican. Hell, Ron Paul and Dennis Bonnen send me birthday cards.

Anonymous said...

WOW... too much time on your hands to explain things to your children but enough time to make it someone elses fault!!! Try this...
1) Naked definition... devoid of concealment disguise - devoid of customary or natural covering.
2) It's a Web site they are advertising. Which means in the comfort of your home and however you want to dress... you can shop and they won't hide or conceal anything!

Was this campain that difficult to comprehend?

My 5 year old completely understands it.

I do worry about what you people tell your children when they have a simple question.

John said...

Quit the crazy thinking! Why would shopping naked using the internet in your own home sound offensive. And what if someone walked into a store naked, made a purchase, and left. Odd, yes. But lewd, I don't see how it would be. Shop Naked is just a silly advertising slogan. There are many, many commercials on TV and in print that are misleading or down right false

Banjo Jones said...

are you naked now, John?