Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sports Animal in 31st Place!

KODA-FM has widened its lead in holding on to the top spot in Houston/Galveston radio ratings, the latest numbers show.

Meanwhile, KBME-AM, the "sports animal, growwllll," has solidified its stranglehold on 31st place, still trailing KWWJ-AM, "Keep Walking With Jesus," whose inspirational programming from Baytown continues to top sports know-it-all Charlie Pallilo.

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Cristian said...

My car radio never wavers from KBME during the day. Only during the evenings and weekends do I listen to my XM Radio in my car. With all the driving I do during the week, I'd say the ESPN Radio programming is well-suited for our commuter lifestyle.

I'm sure if they did a bit more advertising to take away listeners from the 610 guys (I can't stand them), KBME would do alright. Charlie is an excellent host in the afternoons, and he gives his listeners a sense of ownership by his frequency of taking calls. All in all, I think it's a great station.

Banjo Jones said...

you don't like John & Lance in the morning on 610?

Cristian said...

Nah, I like Mike & Mike on ESPNRadio. Lance just grates my nerves for some reason. I guess it's because I'm not a native Houston-area guy; I'm not a Rockets fan (Go Spurs Go!), like the Cowboys over the Texans (I am Mexican, after all), but LOVE the Astros (thanks to Glenn Davis). I like hearing more than local talk all day. Getting that national news makes me feel more in touch with the sports world, rather than listening to people bitch about Vince Young vs. Reggie Bush or Roger retiring all day.

Banjo Jones said...

if that makes you happy, that's all that's important

Eric Berger said...


Pretty harsh assessment of Charlie, I think, who's probably the best sports talker in Houston.

Of course, instead of worrying about local radio you can do what I did: get an iPod adapter for the car and never look back. The music quality sucks, but I can listen to Phil Hendrie or the History of the Middle Ages at my convencience, commercial free.



Banjo Jones said...

yeah, eric, those ratings oughta take off any day now.