Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mini-poll voters miss 'best pic' Oscar

34% of the respondents in Banjo's Mini Poll thought "Brokeback Mountain" would win the Best Picture Oscar last night. They were wrong cause "Crash" won the coveted award. 28 percent of our voters picked that one.

Coming in third place was "Good Night and Good Luck," with 18 percent, and "Capote," with 13 percent, was 4th. "Munich" was a distant 5th with only 6 percent. A total of 99 votes were cast.

If you watched the Oscar show last night, you may have seen Texas author Larry McMurtry win for co-writing best adapted screenplay. When he went on stage you could see he wore blue jeans with a black tux jacket and bow tie. This is sure to set the tongues of the Fashion Police a-wagging and will go down in Oscar fashion history -- whether it's for good or bad is up to you, the vox populi.

The show's host, Jon Stewart, made a joke at Larry's expense, saying he wished he had known jeans were allowed, then saying if he hosts the show next year he'll wear overalls.

So, was McMurtry being cool or was he just a hayseed by wearing jeans to the Oscars out in Hollywood? Vote now in the New Banjo's Mini Poll.

3 comments: said...

If he was really cooooool and not a hayseed, he would have worn the overalls last night!

As it is, he just fit in with the rest of those hollywood types, who are all hayseeds.

JD Allen said...

I always heard that if you can't wear jeans to it, it ain't worth goin' to.

Makes sense to me.

kschlenker said...

The jeans are cool...but that tux thing, yuck!
If he wanted to be dressy, heck, he could've gone to the HLS&R booths and found something nice.