Monday, March 13, 2006

NEW Banjo's Mini Poll: Who'll get whacked next on The Sopranos?; McMurtry's Oscar attire cool not hayseedish

If you saw the premiere last night of the last (supposedly) season of "The Sopranos," you saw Tony get shot by his Uncle Junior, who's descended into dementia.

You gotta figure Tony will pull through, somehow, despite being shot in his ample gut.

But someone else is sure to get whacked and NOT survive.

Who will it be? Your choices are in Banjo's Mini Poll in the right sidebar.

Our last question concerned Texas author Larry McMurtry, who wore blue jeans (with a tux jacket and tie) on stage at the Academy Awards to accept his Oscar for co-writing the best adapted screenplay, for "Brokeback Mountain."

We asked if his attire was "Texas cool" or embarrassingly hayseed-ish.

Though the hayseed vote has rallied in recent days, in the final analysis, 69% of the respondents in Banjo's Mini Poll said McMurtry was "natural born Texas cool" by flaunting Oscar fashion custom; 31 percent said he was just a damn hayseed.

75 people voted in the McMurtry poll.

1 comment: said...

Yeah well, maybe 69% of your poll respondents were hayseeds!

Like I said, MCMurtry didn't flaunt anything, he fit right in with those Hollywood hayseeds! :^D :^D :^D