Thursday, March 30, 2006

Harry Caray haters, Part II

Speaking of Harry Caray bashers, (see previous post), Charlie Pallilo, who gets paid 6 figures to assassinate the character of the dead, and the station that employs him, ESPN Radio 790 (The Sports Animal) grrrowlll, are still sucking hind teat in the latest, updated Arbitron radio ratings released today.

Still, Pallilo and Co. moved UP from 31st to 30th place in the Houston/Galveston market pecking order, managing to inch ahead of KWWJ "Keep Walkin' With Jesus" AM gospel radio that broadcasts from Decker Drive in beautiful Baytown, TX, though it remains, for all practical purposes, in a statistical dead heat with KWWJ if you round off the numbers the way Arbitron does.

Up in heaven, Harry has ordered another round of ice cold Bud, along with an array of salty snacks for all.

(What station made the biggest gain? KOVE-FM. A contemporary Spanish music station, natch.)
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Cristian said...

I don't get it. Every time you mention the radio ratings, it seems it's only to mention how poorly KBME is doing, and you mock them. Now, if that's not your intent, cool. If it is, then I'd like to know why. Do you not like Palillo? Do you not like the KBME management? What's up?

Banjo Jones said...

because he said Harry Caray was a "drunk who couldn't pronounce cat" ... see 1st link in the post. that explains it, sort of.

cacafuego said...

I'll bet Charles will never have this on google,-87.629555&spn=0.001452,0.002049

Leslie T Travis said...

I wasn't a fan of Charlie's when he was at 610. I thought he was rude and antagonistic with the callers and even his co-host. Maybe that was their intention...good cop/bad cop kinda thing. But when you just spew negativity to hear yourself be an "authority" you're not really discussing sports, your just bellowing.