Friday, March 24, 2006

Green kids now, green goats later

Dow Chemical Co. gets a gold star today from our environmental editor for its use of "hybrid locomotives."

Hybrid locomotives are sort of like really big versions of the Toyota Prius. Except they're much more difficult to parallel park.

Reports (which we're sure you'll want to bookmark for future daily reading):

The hybrid locomotives will reduce fuel consumption by 30 to 50 percent, Dow said. The hybrid locomotives are used for switching, the process by which shipments are moved around within the facility.

Starting in November, Dow received five 1,000-horsepower hybrid locomotives, known in the industry as "Green Kids," at the chemical manufacturing site. Dow also agreed to receive two larger 2,000-horsepower hybrids, known as "Green Goats," by March 2007.

Hybrid locomotives use a system of batteries, a generator and a small diesel engine to help cut fuel consumption and pollution compared with traditional locomotives.

Next thing ya know, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will give Dow a gold star for its annual kindness to the black skimmer birds that show up in the parking lot every year.

Yea, DOW!


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