Saturday, February 11, 2006

US Rep. Ron Paul, hero to righties & lefties

Our local congressman, US Rep. Ron Paul, R-Brazosport, has managed to play both ends against the middle.

Don't know if this qualifies as the "triangulation" popularized by President Clinton, but it's there.

Evidently, he's running for re-election based on his reputation as the taxpayers' best friend.

At the same time, his public pronouncements are seized upon by the anti-war Left and by our American-bashing friends in Venezuela, the newfound best friends of Fidel Castro.

The latest bit of evidence comes from, "Venezeuela's Electronic News," in a piece headlined, "Evil and terrorism against Venezuela began with one man: George W. Bush."

It says here:

"The US Police State has already begun and the worst is yet to come. Republican Congressman Ron Paul slammed repeatedly George Walker Bush's delusional plans to invade Iran, Syria, North Korea and other nations across the world and to institute martial law provisions in the US that would turn the nation into a Fascist State.

Ron Paul represents the 14th Congressional district of Texas and also serves on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee as well as the International Relations committee.

Senator Paul recently stated regarding the sad state of affairs of today's America: "If we don't change our ways we will go the way of Rome and I see that as rather sad ... the worst things happen when you get the so-called Republican Conservatives in charge from Nixon on down, big government flourishes under Republicans ... It's really hard to believe it's happening right in front of us. Whether it's the torture or the process of denying habeas corpus to an American citizen."

I guess that secures the Venezuelan vote for Rep. Paul in the 14th District.

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U.S. Libertarians distinguish, ala Albert J. Nock in "Our Enemy, The State", between legitimate government (eg, Constitutional rights, law enforcement, the legal system, fire departments, etc,) and "the State," which they see as an organization of "Empire", that is, of a political parasite class rooted in war, conquest, force, mass murder and redistribution of the rightful property of others.

The primary example in history of such a power organization was Rome, which fell away from the Republican virtues as it became an Empire.

They've got a good point! :^D

BTW, the word verification below was "utgffw" and it was in UT Orange letters! Have you been infiltrated?

Banjo Jones said...

infiltrated? by whom?

Anonymous said...

There may be something to it.

The last two times I commented I got:

"frggemm" in maroon and

"hukkmm" in UT orange.

Gotta be the bunch at the Chonicle!

Anonymous said...

Banjo, there’s a follow-up in the Victoria Advocate on Friday on Cynthia Sinatra.

I doubt she can top this Ron Paul story. Maybe the Venezuelan, Peruvian, or Cuban press might pick up on the prostate story as punishment for running against Ron Paul. said...

This is an interesting story because of the celebrity angle, I recall seeing Frank Sinatra Jr on tv when I was a kid. And his sister Nancy Sinatra.

Concerning the infiltration, yes, anonymous is right, the Chronicle, those are the scalliwags I was warning about!

Good Lord, it's orange again and it's got ut in it too, but its backwards:


But I haven't see any aggie maroon yet.