Monday, February 06, 2006

Top 10 cool things about having the Super Bowl in Detroit:

as submitted by David Letterman fans ...

10. No need for Homeland Security as entire audience is armed to the teeth
Heidi H., Sault, Ste.

9. Every place you go are plaques stating "Madonna Slept Here"
Bob T., Westminster, MD

8. Commemorative bullet proof vests for all fans
David B., Brick, NJ

7. Finally, a chance for Lions fans to watch a professional football team
Peter O., Ames, IA

6. Burning cars in the street make it feel like Miami
Jim D., Sparta Twp., MI

5. Sounds of heckling fans drowned out by gunfire
Marty S., Oak Hill, VA

4. 30,000 Ford pink slips can be reused as confetti
Mike S., Spokane, WA

3. According to James Frey, "It's great to have the Super Bowl return to the Motor City where I quarterbacked the New Orlean Saints to their first World Championship in 1973."
Nick Y., Waynesboro, PA

2. Sudden death a real possibility
Dan L., Superior

1. Buy two hotdogs, get a free Ford Focus
Pat P., Fairmont, WV


1 comment: said...

The Detroit fans didn't come to Houston and shoot it out with the NOLA gangsters?