Monday, February 20, 2006

Dow Chemical lookin' to burnish image

Dow Chemical wants to hire a new public relations and advertising agency, it says here.

The focus Dow is looking for is brand reputation since that's an area it has had problems with in the past.

Here are some ideas we want to float in order to land the account.

Dow: Beyond Benzene

Dow: The Folks Who Brought You Napalm

Dow: Dioxins 'R Us

Dow Chemical: That Smell You Smell Is Progress

Dow: We've Never Even Been To Bhopal

2 comments: said...

Dow: Because We Love the Smell of Benzene in the Morning!

JD Allen said...

Don't be knocking napalm, Banjo. I loved that stuff in '69. Napalm means the fight is over.