Tuesday, January 31, 2006


You can set your watch to it. Every year, right after the President of the United States makes his way into the U.S. House chamber to deliver the State of the Union Address, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee pounces.

She's like a cat when she makes her move. She attacks with lightning-quick stealth and grace when she sees an opening. Then, suddenly, she is at the side of the President of the United States.

Doesn't matter whether a Democrat or Republican holds the world's most powerful office. Sheila is there with a friendly pat on the back. A quick private word of encouragement and advice. And an earnest look for the photographers snapping pictures and the ever-present TV cameras that hover above, beaming the live images around the world.

You've got to give Sheila credit. She is dogged and she is determined. When Sheila wants face time, she gets face time. And, we might add, that is a very smart red suit she is wearing tonight. You go girlfriend!!!


As is her time-honored custom, Sheila expertly positioned herself to catch the President on his exit from the House Chamber, as seen in these two photos at left.

Note the pen in her hand (sorry for the unfortunate camera angle.) Apparently she snagged an autograph on the night's program from the President himself.

The bidding on eBay begins at dawn.
[flashback file: last year in The B'port News]


Tom Bazan said...

I have been scouring the internet for a photo of Queen Sheila glad-handing Fidel Castro when the CBC went to Havana in February 1999.

Would you happen to have a print?

Banjo Jones said...

no, Tom, no Fidel/Sheila pictures in my archive.

ttyler5@hotmail.com said...

I'll tell you why, we tried to get them from the Cuban commie "press" too, but they have been put under lock and key!

However, you might try the Free Cuban press in Florida!

Klaus said...

Wow, she cavorts with the President at the State of the Union, cozies up to a deposed dictator and human rights criminal AND gets booed at the District Democratic Convention ( http://www.khou.com/video/?z=y&nvid=231349&shu=1 ) because she doesn't want the people's choice in the Primary ot be President? Apparently, Sheila just doesn't care about the 18th District. Maybe it's time for someone new? Why not vote for John Faulk? The Republicans crossed over in our Primary...why not cross over in the General election and get Sheila out of there!