Saturday, January 07, 2006

Texans to stick with Reggie Bush, says Mort

During the 90-minute pregame show before today's first Wild Card NFL playoff game, Chris Mortenson of ESPN reported that an "intermediary" connected to Longhorn QB Vince Young has told the Houston Texans that the MVP of the Rose Bowl plans to turn professional and not return to college.

Despite this, Mortenson said the Houston Texans still plan to use the first pick in the draft on USC RB Reggie Bush, who beat Young out for the Heisman Trophy.

This would be extremely idiotic.

I'm with Richard Justice of the Houston daily and Scott at H-Town Sports on this. The Texans should draft Vince if they can.

Here's why: the Texans, even in the best of circumstances, are still 3 to 4 years from seriously challenging for a Super Bowl title. By then, Young will be NFL ready. He'll be NFL ready within a year, for that matter.

The Texans can trade Carr. Oakland has been mentioned as a team likely to be interested.

Carr is talented and can be an effective starting QB in the NFL, but he can't do what Vince Young can do. I also seriously doubt he has the leadership aura about him that Young does. You can't coach that kinda stuff.

Aside from pure football talent, you can't deny that drafting Young, a graduate of Madison High in Houston, would great for the Texans' box office. If nothing else, that should persuade Texans owner Bob McNair to think twice before passing on the amazing Vince Young.

If Young does turn professional and the Texans don't draft him, I think the New Orleans Saint will take him before they draft Matt Leinart, much to the chagrin of Bud Adams and the Tennessee Titans, who will be drafting third.


ttyler5 Editor said...

I wuz gonna make some smartass comment, but I just know better than to mess with sports fans.

mikemcguff said...

Banjo, I totally agree with you. I'm not even a Longhorn and I see the benefits of Young in a Texans uniform. Talk about the best marketing scenario! Few in Central Texas will tell you they care about the Texans. That's why there's a Dallas Cowboys store in their Barton Creek Mall. Getting Vince would change that. Wouldn't you want the Texas-ex's to like you too? How can people not see this? Of course there's the hometown guy thing too that can't be denied.

Banjo Jones said...

Yes, TTyler, let us have our sports fun without rancor or condescension.

Mike McGuff: Get Marvin Zindler to editorialize in favor of drafting Vince. It would be the crowning achievement of his career, should he convince the Texans to do the smart thing, bigger than even closing down the best lil' whorehouse in TX