Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl ruminations

You think the Houston Texans are having second thoughts now about drafting Reggie Bush as the first pick in the NFL Draft?

They ought to.

Bush demonstrated he's not Superman in the Rose Bowl. He made one fantastic touchdown leap, but football is the ultimate team game, and Bush alone will not turn around the Texans' fortuntes, just like he couldn't win the national title game by himself.

If some other team puts together a great swap of extra draft picks for the chance to draft Bush, the Texans will need to weigh their options very carefully.

Moreover, I'd have to say if Vince Young decided to go pro now, he might very well replace Bush as the first pick in the draft, but I guess he's not gonna do that based on his post-game comments after picking up the most valuable offensive player award.

Hook 'em.


Anonymous said...

I can think of several million reasons why Young might change his mind. And we agree that Young will knock Bush out of the number one pick if he does.

What did you think of Leinart's comments after the game?


Banjo Jones said...

i didn't see leinart's press conference but i heard him say on the field he still thought usc had the better team, which i thought was less than graceful. i think the guy was still in a state of shock. heh-heh.