Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Houston ain't no New Orleans, say the hungry dispossessed

Your heart aches for the victims of Hurricane Katrina who now find themselves stuck in what they apprarently hold to be a culinary nowheresville.

You can't find pickled pigs lips in H-Town like you could in the Crescent City, complains one.

Oh, cursed fate.

Walter Price, one of the culinary deprived evacuees, averred that there's but one restaurant in the whole city of Houston that measures up to the New Orleans standard.

Unfortunately, he's either not telling or Salatheia Bryant, the Houston daily reporter who interviewed him, felt the name of the eatery was of no relevance.

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JD Allen said...

I had the same take on that article. But thinking about it just a little - it just shows homesickness and a certain amount of stupidity.

Because I always wondered about Louisiana people, do they think the Gulf coast bayou land stops at Sabine Pass?

Crab, specks, reds, flounder, duck and Cajuns don't pay no 'tention to no border, cher.