Monday, January 16, 2006

Celebrating No. 1 in Austin last night

(Editor's note: a friend in Austin who's a regular reader of The Brazosport News attended the celebration last night that honored the nation's Number One college football team. Here's his report:)

Went to the UT celebration last night at the stadium. Beautiful night, I
sat on the east side, could see everything, but what was best was just
to the right of the west seats, the big tower glowing orange with a big
number one just made for a great sight.

Mack was funny, he introduced the junior Blalock, he said, "help him
make the right decision as to whether to return next year", then when
Blalock stood to speak, the 50K or so in the crowd starting yelling "one
more year, one more year", then Mack jumped in front of the mike and
dead-panned, "Justin, we want you to make the decision that is best for
you", then backed off and started motioning for the crowd to start
chanting again. It was really funny.

Rick Perry said nothing was better than winning a bet with Arnold
Schwarzenegger; he won a pair of ostrich boots with the seal of the
governor of California. You can bid on those if you want, they will be
auctioned for Katrina/Rita victims.

Kaye Hutchinson said she was at an event in LA just before the game, and
the mayor or somebody big said "Kaye, I know that USC will win the game,
cause they've got swagger", and Kaye said "Well I don't know as much
about football as you, but I know UT will win cause their team DOESN'T
have swagger, just courage, focus, and determination" or something
similar, I thought it was pretty good comeback.

The best though was when someone was talking, and they occasionally
would show a player on the big screen, and this one lineman, whenever
they showed him, would stand up and sort of puff out his chest (being
silly and playing to the crowd), and it was really funny, the crowd
would howl, just totally ignoring the speaker. It happened repeatedly.