Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ron Paul makes Al Jazeera Top 10 list

Our congressman, US Rep. Ron Paul, R-Brazosport, makes a Top 10 list put together by Al, coming in at #6 under a heading about Republicans breaking with President Bush over the Iraq War.

They say: "Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican with strong libertarian instincts, has criticized the "neocon global government" and said the U.S. is "ignoring reality in Iraq."

Al Jazeera kinda got it wrong. The Grumpy Gynecologist never had to break from Project Iraq. He was never on board.

I don't get a lot of feedback from the things I write on this blog, but when I reported awhile back that Paul has an opponent in the Republican primary, a military man who I assume is with the Administration's Iraq Project, I received two responses. One, from a regular commenter, said something to the effect that Paul is the best friend the taxpayers have in Washington. Another reader, who sends me private emails, said don't underestimate the crackerjack staff that Paul employs. They get a lot of stuff done for constituents that you never read about in the papers.

Whether Paul's anti-war stance helps or hurts him in the GOP Primary this spring is anyone's guess. I guess.


Chris Elam said...

Ron no longer has a GOP primary opponent. said...

I'm in Paul's district, too, and get his mailers.

He has introduced and/or co-sponsored a lot of really good legislation.

For example, recently he has been working with Kevin Brady and other members of the Texas delegation to make permanent the temporary provision passed in 2004 that allows Texans to deduct our state sales taxes from our personal income taxes.

It's an equity issue of course between states that don't have an income tax, and states that do and whose citizens subsequently are allowed to deduct their state income tax from their fed income tax.

The state sales tax deduct also negates that old sidewinder-type argument that we need a state income tax so we can cut our personal federal taxes.

JD Allen said...

He, or his staff, saved a friend of mine from an IRS mistake a couple of years ago that would have broken him and his two kids.

Nobody else would hear him, until he got Rep. Dr. Paul into it.

kschlenker said...

Paul may have done a few okay things for voters in our district, but he does nothing but drag on the Texas Republicans in Congress. (Seems to me it is appropriate that Paul is a GYN as his reputation with the others is definitely in nether regions of the party.) His rep as Dr. No has made him more than unwelcome amongst the others.
If he continues to go against the party he says he is from, when we need a vote to help us, the rest won't be there for us. How can that possibly help our district? A little bit against is one thing, but Paul says 'no'to every d*mn thing.