Thursday, December 01, 2005

Needy kids to get help after all, no thanks to "The Facts" (booo, hissss)

Despite the earnest efforts of the Clute-based daily to torpedo a worthy Christmas-time charity effort, it looks like the not-so-fortunate kids who have ended up in the Childrens Protective Services barrel will get a helping hand this year.

We received word today that an account has been established at Texas Gulf Bank for people to donate funds to help children who are in foster care.

If you read today's earlier post, you know that "The Facts" newspaper backed out of the charity effort when a TV reporter began asking questions about a foster child case that was written up in the local paper. Turned out the kid's story was "fabricated" by a CPS caseworker.

For reasons we still can't fathom, the newspaper pulled the plug on the whole charity program. The jake legs at the local paper should never have ceded editorial control of the program to an outside agency, especially an outside agency connected to The Government, which is the branch of gu'mmit the paper is supposed to be keepin' an eye on. But turning over the editorial content of the charity program to the government most assuredly was the cheap way to do it, and still allow the paper to feed its charitable public profile. Fools! Blowhards!

Maybe they were trying to punish the CPS caseworker, or the state agency, by canceling the paper's role in the Fill-A-Stocking campaign, but the undeniable effect was that it would punish foster kids who could use a break, especially at Christmas time, and who had NOTHING to do with the fabricated story. Nice going, dimwits.

Anyway, today a local Good Samaritan called The Brazoria County Alliance for Children, headed by president Deborah Spoor, and an account has been set up at Texas Gulf Bank for those who wish to make donations and keep the holiday foster kid program going.

For information on how to donate please contact Marjorie Clark at Texas Gulf Bank or the Alliance at 979-849-2500.

Bottom line: "The Facts" can't play Grinch this year and you can play Santy Claus if you donate whatever you can afford. Thanks.

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