Friday, December 02, 2005

More phony sob stories in "The Facts"

Channell 11 isn't letting go of the story about the phony Christmas-time sob story that was published in the local Clute daily.

Apparently there has been more than one fake story written by child welfare caseworkers and then put in "The Facts" besides the one story the "newspaper" admitted earlier this week was false.

"The Facts" publisher went on the record with Channel 11's Dan Lauck to pronouce it's a "sad, sad" day for the newspaper, which gave Childrens Protective Services carte blanche to write up stories, but the paper hasn't seen fit to delve into how this fiasco happened except to say it thought the CPS-penned stories were true.

I'd cancel my subsription if I subscribed. Maybe I'll subscribe and then cancel the next day. To make a statement. Yeah, that's the ticket.


2 comments: said...

Hey Banjo, sounds to me like they are cluteless!

kschlenker said...

That's what is great about the Internet; now I can get all my fake news for free.