Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Missing 12 year-old in Ft. Bend Co.

Rorschach, a blogger in neighboring Fort Bend County, wants to know why it took the the FB Sheriff's Office 24 hours to issue an amber alert for a 12-year-old who's now missing.

He goes to the trouble to ask for an answer from the high sheriff, who says the answer is "simple": she was first reported as a runaway.

Rorschach wonders what age a child must be to trigger an amber alert, whether reported to be a runaway or not.

High sheriff doesn't want to talk anymore cause case is "under investigation."

Rorschach wonders if missing 12-year-old's race has anything to do with allegedly tardy police response.

Channel 11 picks up story, says child's stepfather is "person of interest."


kschlenker said...

I noticed in the story about the stepfather that he is in jail on an "unrelated family violence charge". It seems to me that in a family, all violence is related.
It is also strange that the girl didn't want to sleep in a bed (she slept on the sofa regularly) and she wanted to sleep fully clothed. Very odd.

Rorschach said...

Actually Banjo, I live in Spring, in Harris County just south of the Harris/Montgomery county line. But where I live is really immaterial. This is a 12 year old child we are talking about. Not a "black" child, a child. I have a 11-1/2 year old daughter myself. she is blonde and blue and if she went missing i'd be willing to bet an amber alert would be issued before I finished hanging up the phone.

Statistically, FBSD has a good chance at being right in looking at the Stepfather, but they don't have any evidence at all as far as I have been able to learn, just suspicion. It would appear that the FBSD liked him for the disappearance from the get-go and decided to forego the Amber alert and instead decided to pick him up on the outstanding warrant and sweat a confession out of him, but that was a very risky gamble, a gamble with a 12 year old girls life, what if they are wrong?

I don't know anything about her home life, but I do know that quite a number of people lived in the house together, it is possible that the couch was the only real bed she had to sleep on or it might have been the difference between sleeping in a crowded bed with siblings or sleeping by herself on the couch.

Banjo Jones said...

Thanks, Rorschach. Keep after 'em.