Sunday, November 27, 2005

Whataburger Wins Best Fast Food Poll; Now Vote on Best Xmas Song!

Ya'll like your Whataburgers.

In Banjo's Mini-Poll, 31% said Whataburger is the best fast food.

Chick-Fil-A came in 2nd with 18%, followed by Wendy's 11%, Taco Bell and McDonald's 6%, Burger King, Long John Silver's and Jack in the Box 5%, and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sonic with 3 percent. (80 votes were cast)

Harmon Dobson began Whataburger in 1950 in South Texas. If you want to start a Whataburger franchise you'll need a lot of money.

To help get you in the holiday spirit, our new poll asks what your favorite Christmas song is. The selections were chosen from this list, except for the last choice.


kschlenker said...

Of course Whataburger won. They put mustard on their hamburgers, and they use 1/3 pound patties (industry standard is 1/4), and they are hot and fresh when you get them. I can't stand a burger that is older than I am...

Anonymous said...

BJ, great to see you got at least one good Christmas song on your list of choices (last one). Kinda hoped you would have listed Redneck Riviera with those jalepeno Christmas lights and all as well. Good theme song for enforcement of Texas Open Beach laws in my opinion.

Hoping soon to be Gov. Friedman uses it in his campaign (I assume he's for strict enforcement).