Thursday, November 03, 2005

The latest Roger Clemens rumor

Supposedly Clemens would join the team after the All-Star break in order to make a pennant run while healthy and to play with his son Koby. At a "reduced" salary, of course.

While that may be good for Drayton McLane's budget, it sounds kinda screwy to me. Calling Koby up to The Show at this stage of his career sounds like wishful thinking, though the lad has shown promise and already has an HEB TV commercial under his belt. And if Clemens sits out the first half, the team will still have to come up with another viable starting pitcher to replace him during his absence.

Maybe the thinking is the team can underperform out of the gate, then make a great finish, like this past year.

Anyway, this rumor came courtesy of Darrell Pittmann of in an interview he did with The Baseball Analysts.

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cacafuego said...

What if the team starts tanking by the middle of June? I can hear the caterwaulling now "bring back the Rocket, we need him now!!" What is a GM to do in that situation?