Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Banjo's Mini Poll -- re: ghosts; now best f.f.

I have never seen a ghost, but there have been times, usually very early in the morning, when I have looked in the mirror and screamed like a girl.

Be that as it may, a majority of respondents (59%) to Banjo's Mini Poll said they have never seen a ghost. The rest (41%) said they have seen a ghost, or what they thought was a ghost.

Now on to more important matters: Who has the best "fast food"?

As always, please vote only once.


Anonymous said...

where's Taco Cabana? :(

Corey said...

There's one over on Bay Area Boulevard just east of I-45. Also, Whataburger should win just because they don't have any in Southern California. In-n-Out isn't bad though...

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe in heaven, but I still believe in ghosts."

-- James McMurtrey