Friday, November 11, 2005

Alvin professor targets The Grumpy Gyno

An economics professor at Alvin Community College is challenging US Rep. Ron "The Grumpy Gynecologist" Paul for the Republican nomination for the 14th Congressional seat.
Greg Roof said he plans to get on the ballot via petition rather than paying the $3,175 filing fee. "I want it to be grassroots,” Roof told the Galveston daily.
Translation: ACC professors don't make the kinda scratch to blithely pony up 4-figure filing fees. Believe us, Professor Roof, we understand!
(Media watchers may note that the reporter filing the scoop on Professor Roof was none other than Kelly Hawes, the ex-editor of the Clute daily, who's now cruising the island beaches for news. Hawes, you may recall, was honored by having the Lake Jackson bridge that spans FM 2004 named the "Kelly Hawes Overpass" to highlight his commitment to journalism ethics excellent, before he exited the Brazosport scene.)


4 comments: said...

"Hawes, you may recall, was honored by ... the "Kelly Hawes Overpass" to highlight his commitment...""

Banjo, for those of us from other counties, what's the story?

Banjo Jones said...

That's just a long-running joke, now going on more than 3 years, which began after Hawes "outed" the true identity of one Banjo Jones.

macavity said...

You go, Greg! said...

Oops! I must have misunderstood what you meant above, Banjo! Sorry!