Thursday, September 22, 2005

Emissions events by the score

Besides staring into the teeth of a killer hurricane of historic proportions, there is a veritable festival of volatile organic compounds being released right now while the various petrochemical plants shut down. Damn you, Rita. Cough-cough. Just check this list out. Never seen a list of shutdowns like that around here. It jumps to a second page!

What in the Sam Hill am I still doing here? If I disappear for awhile, don't come lookin' for me.


equarles said...

What are you still doing there? Are you leaving?
Blogging from there? photoblog? geez...the journalist in me is curious, curious, curious.

Banjo Jones said...

keepin' my options open. boarding up windows. there's no one around the neighborhood so the racket doesn't seem to bother anybody. I take it you've evacuated? Do tell.

equarles said...

It's all on my blog. I'm in Lufkin. Lots of evacuees here. I'm gonna blog it in a little while.