Thursday, August 11, 2005

BP woes reach the bayou

British Petroleum has been playing a hide-the-name-game in its emissions reports for its Cholocate Bayou Plant. Typically, in its emissions reports for Chocolate Bayou, it just says "Cholocolate Bayou Plant" with no name of the corporate entity. It'll give a reference number for the company, but if you really want to find out the name of it, you have to go through all these computer gyrations to track it down.

With all the problems it's had in Texas City, it's not difficult to understand why BP would want to keeps its corporate name out of the media, if at all possible.

But when there's an explosion like last night, that dog won't hunt, and the daily papers correctly reported that British Petroleum and its subsibiary Innovene were the scene of the accident. We're glad to hear no one was hurt in last night's blow-up of the Olefins 2 unit.

It did, however, lead to significant emissions:
1,000 pounds - ethylene gaseous
1,000 pounds -- propylene
2,358 pounds -- carbon monoxide
11 pounds -- 1,3 butadiene
36 pounds -- butene
23 pounds -- nitrogen dioxide
[emissions rept.]
[emissions rept.]

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