Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beltran's boos

Carlos Beltran, centerfielder for the NY Mets, had a rough visit in Houston, where the NY Times reported he was "treated worse than an Enron executive."

For four days, the fans at Minute Maid Park had taunted Beltran with profane chants, signs and T-shirts. One heckler baited him with a bill attached to a fishing pole. The Astros battered him with negative statistics that they flashed on the scoreboard.

The fans pay the price of admission so they can do what they want. Bread and circuses. I wouldn't have booed Beltran. He took a better offer in New York, exactly what 99 percent of those booing fans would have done. Is that so hard to grasp? I guess it's healthy to boo, though. Gets those ya-yas out. Gets the precious bodily fluids flowing. Boo away. BOOOO!

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