Thursday, July 14, 2005

The media less surveyed

A new poll shows 69 percent agree that journalists should be allowed to protect the identities of confidential sources; at the same time, 64 percent disagree that the news media tries to report without bias and 65 percent agree that fabricated stories in the media are a "widespread" problem.

The pollsters, while filled with good intentions, asked the wrong questions.

Left on the table was whether journalists should be allowed to keep the identities of "made-up" sources confidential.

The answer, clearly, is "Yes."

Without confidentiality, "made-up" news sources will not come forward. That simple. We all suffer. Corruption run amuck.

Also: "Agree or disagree -- It is important for our democracy that the 24-hour cable news channels be fast-paced, snappy with lots of sound effects and primarily focus on questions that require a yes or a no answer, so as to provide ample time for the free flow on advertiser information."

The answer, again, is clearly "Yes." First Amendment. Founding fathers, Thomas Paine, etc.

Further, the poll asked nothing about the function of hair in the televised media. What works, what doesn't? Shaggy or jelled? Shaved or poofed-out? Messages conveyed? Jewelry? Jewelry-wearing anchors/reporters? Hoops or studs? Danglies? Man earrings? No piercings? No heavy gold chains, no medallions, no big clocks. What the? Subtle bias? Media anti multiculturalism? Tats? What gives? Fashion? Earth tones or what? Cravats? Overused, underused? Stripes, solids? Paisley? Flag pins? No armbands? Footwear? Stilletos, pumps or flats? All the black socks? Hoisery not fun? What would The Framers say?

And no hats, men or ladies!

There are opinions out there, plenty of opinions, as many opinions as there are assholes, all left untapped.

[american journalism review]


Anonymous said...

100 percent of Americans say they are not imbeciles and have in fact had at least one original thought in their lives. The vast majority of them are wrong.

Anonymous said...

"The media? Man, the media that's something you lie to."
- Bob Dylan, holding a large light bulb in 1965

H. Brute
Sharpstown TX

cacafuego said...

Do you agree the receiving your "hard" news from the weather guy, the sports guy and the hot chick is a good thing? The answer is clearly YES. Who is better prepared to deliver the news with the requisite experience and skepticism than these three.

Anonymous said...

How many Americans want to goose-step down the boulevard with Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter? said...

I see that real stand-up guy, Mr. Anonymous, is goose-stepping to his goose-stepping comments again.

His courage is such an inspiration to us all...

Banjo Jones said...

glad to have you back, ttyler5