Tuesday, July 05, 2005

McDonald's, take 2

The below item about McDonald's reminds me of a Golden Arches interlude I had 2 or 3 weeks ago in Galveston.

I stopped in at the McDonald's on 61st Street, just off the seawall.

Placed my order with a teen-age employee. She was a pretty Hispanic girl. Had a nice smile. Good manners. Well spoken. She didn't screw up the order. I'm thinking, "Good kid. Working. Helping mom and/or dad by earning wages to buy her own stuff."

A few minutes later, I went outside and was looking toward the seawall.

Then I heard this female voice behind me bellow, real loud:



I turned around to discover it was the same girl who took my order. She was hollering at some friend who was in the drive-thru lane. She got her friend's attention, laughed, and then walked over to briefly chat with her.


Well, McDonald's workers have the hip-hop patter down, so it only makes sense that the company turn to P. Diddy et al to get busy on updating the attire.

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