Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lance Zierlein busts out a blog

Lance Zierlein, co-host of Sportsradio610's morning show, has started a new blog, DoubleRods, whose subhead states: "A Pair Of Rods for The Whole Lot Of You."

All Righty!

Zierlein can be hilarious on the radio. I haven't been listening to him lately, but he and co-host John Granato are a good team on the air. I can't tell if Granato is involved in the blog (there are two posters listed: Doublerods & Blaise) but it should be an entertaining project to watch if you like sports.

Zierlein's radio impression of Lou Holtz is genuinely funny. If he did it every morning, I wouldn't mind.

Here's the difference between Zierlein and ESPNRADIO790 The Sports Animal (growl) afternoon host Charlie Pallilo, whom I took to task yesterday for calling dead Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Cary "a drunk who couldn't pronounce cat." (I don't regularly listen to Pallilo; just happened to catch him that afternoon.)

If the subject of Harry Cary had come up with Zierlein, he would have had fun with it, maybe launching into an impression or Cary (if he does one), or sharing some anecdotes about Cary's fabled weirdness in the announcer's booth, like a few people did in the comments section of The Brazosport News. It would have been entertaining, funny, and he still could have made the point, if he wished, that Cary drank too much and mangled players' names.

Pallilo's commentary, on the other hand, is just a turd in the party punchbowl.

In DoubleRod's first post, he was all over the map: Morgan Ensberg's snub with the All-Star selections, then on to the spate of recent shark attacks, then to the idle question of "How old were you when you first started to figure out that the water jet on the side of the pool was your friend?"

Then, back to baseball, specifically, Astros Manager Phil Garner:

He's not an a-hole like Jimy Williams was so he's much more likeable, but I think there is a better than average chance that he stumbled into a gold mine with last year's team coming together at the right time rather than anything that he did manegerially. Give him credit.... he was able to parlay the great 2nd half run into a nice contract, but I'm still waiting to how he finishes this season before I give him any type of endorsement.

After that, it was on to his assment of the prospects of "Pretty Boy Astacio," Astros pitcher Ezequiel Astacio (pictured above, who won't be on the cover of GQ anytime soon) and finally to a whatever-happened-to-the-screwball question.

Screwballs. That mighta been a good name for Zierlein's blog.

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Mike said...

During drive time, I'd take Charlie Pallilo any day over that Texans homer Mark Vandemeer. Vandemeer is annoying and I change the dial whenever he comes on.

Anonymous said...

vandermere is good. palillo a little too smug.