Monday, July 11, 2005

Kramer funniest TV character in history

I always thought George was funnier than Kramer on Seinfeld, but the public has spoken and determined that Kramer was the funniest TV character in history, so my sense of humor is clearly out of step with the mainstream.

The gangly goof received 12 votes, 28 percent of the total votes.

Kramer was followed by Lucy of the old I Love Lucy sitcom, who received 18 percent of the ballots.

Three tied for third: Homer of The Simpsons, Norm of Cheers and George Costanza of Seinfeld, all with 5 votes, or 11 percent.

Fourth place went to Barney Fife of The Andy Griffith Show, with four votes, followed by pompous news anchor Ted Baxter of Mary Tyler Moore, 3 votes.

Receiving one vote each were Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver and Louis of Drew Carey.

Sadly, Bobby Hill, the son of Hank Hill, of King of the Hill, was shut out and did not receive a single stinking vote.

A new poll is up, one that will allow you to explore the dark, venal side of both your politics and your respective personalities: Who's the biggest blowhard?

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