Sunday, July 03, 2005

Banjo's Mini Poll

It's a tie!

In our retro fashion poll, in which we asked which antiquated fashion/accessory you would like to see return to prominence, walking canes and fedoras tied at 21 percent each. (I voted -- one time -- for walking canes, having been a fan of Bat Masterson, the TV show, as an impressionable child.)

Second place went to parasols, with 17 percent of the vote. Top hats & bowlers tied with pocket watches on chains, with 13 percent each. Tunics & togas received 8 percent of the vote. Sadly, but perhaps not shockingly, hoop skirts & petticoats received ZERO votes.

A total 24 votes were cast. A disappointing turnout. Maybe the new poll will do better. I'm gonna keep it up a while because if you grew up glued to the tube like me, it's a toughie. Banjo says check it out (in the right-hand sidebar).

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