Thursday, June 30, 2005

The song that keeps on giving

Scooter and I have different musical tastes ... and that's OK.

Right now, I'm on a Lucinda Williams kick. I tend to play whatever I'm into repeatedly.

Lucinda's country, but not what you'd call traditional country. She'd hide-the-rope country, which is to say, get too far into it, and you'd better hide the rope, cause you might end up hanging yourself.

Scooter doesn't much care for Lucinda, which is fine, but at least I don't play her on my cellphone.

See, I limit my music to the stereo and the car.

Not Scooter (my wife & assistant).

She likes music on the stereo and the car and also, her cell phone ringtone.

She's a fan of traditional country, for the most part.

And her ringtone the past 2 or 3 months has been Alabama's "Song of the South."

It goes:

Song, song of the South
Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth...

And everytime her cell phone rings, which is often, that's what I hear.
Three in the morning?
...sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth...

Driving in the car?
...sweet potato pie and I ...

The bottom of the 9th?
...Song, song of the ...

Dinner time?
...Sweet pota...

Walking the aisles of Wal-Mart?
Oh yeah, baby, hit me with some of that sweet potato pie, you long-haired redneck freaks.

Hate to be Mr. Crabapple, but I'm really tired of this song. Not a big Alabama fan.

Ringtones should ring, not sing, in my book, but the genie's outta the bottle. There's no turning back. I accept that. Maybe if I try some sweet potato pie it'll be better. Never had it. Never wanted it. But perhaps it's worth a try. Anyone got a recipe? Maybe it'll shut my mouth.

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Corey said...

I completely agree; ringtones are spawns of the devil. I've never had my phone play a song and now that I work with cell phones for a living and quite often interface with all sorts of crazy ringers, I hate them even more.

It's a phone; it should ring, dammitall!