Thursday, June 23, 2005

Poker, it's out of control

The New York Times is going to start a weekly column on ... poker.

To hell with global warming, shut up and deal! Hey! The pot's light. Ante up you deadbeats.

Is this necessary?

How long will this poker fascination last?

I hope The Fat Guy explains it all to us. Please, please, Fat Guy, why the poker craze? Couldn't it have been Scrabble? Something to improve our vocabulary? Or Risk? Now that's a hell of board game. The game of World domination.

The NYT has hired James McManus to write the Saturday poker column, says E&P.

McManus, a writing teacher at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is the author of "Positively Fifth Street," the account of how, on an assignment from Harper's magazine, he entered the World Series of Poker with a $4,000 stake that he parlayed into a $10,000 seat in the tournament. McManus ended up fifth out of 512 players, with a total win of $250,000.

I'll bet you McManus uses a lot of big words. Words you'll never hear at a poker table. I'll bet a nichel.


Scott Chaffin said...

Mr. James is a very good writer, and a pretty decent poker player. If you squint, and ignore the poker-y aspects, you'll like Jimbo. A veritable wordsmith, a Frank DeFord of the felt.

Why poker? Well, it's a purely American game, like baseball or jazz. It's an individual frontier, where a man (or gal) can hold their own by the strength of their wits against hordes of like-minded folks and rapacious natives. Very cut-throat & capitalistic. If we had another 1500 miles x 2000 miles of unsettled land to the West, we'd all be there. So, yeah -- poker. Makes my free-market heart sing. I guess the Supremes will nuke that next.

Banjo Jones said...

ah, so. thanks for straightening this out for me.

Scott Chaffin said...

where's my nichel?

Banjo Jones said...

I'll send you a check as soon as my GoogleAdsense paycheck comes.

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