Monday, June 27, 2005

Hey, pssst. Have I got a deal for you. Ever heard of The King of Pop?

(David Gest -- former associate of Michael Jackson, estranged husband and alleged assault victim of Liza Minelli -- has Michael Jackson's NAACP Image Award in his junk closet. And JackO's sequined jacket. And a treasure trove of other JackO stuff.
And, you know, he doesn't need it anymore. He's downsizing. And who needs the clutter these days? Know what I mean?)

Talk to us, David.

Michael's NAACP Image Award? Oh, it's a beauty. An alien holding up the world. So, so, symbolic, ya know? And sure to increase in value. Forget real estate. Forget California real estate. You'll be able to sell this and buy a Malibu beach house in a few years, my friend. I hate to part with it. It's killin' me.

The sequined jacket? Well, what can you say? Michael Jackson wore it. It's a beautiful jacket. Beautiful lines. And so sparkly. Michael loved it. I loved it. And still do.

The handwritten lyrics to We Are The World? Professionally framed, with a photo of Michael? Call your broker, sweetheart! Would have bought Beethoven's original score sheets had you lived back then? Knowing what you know now? Yes, yes you would. And now, here we have Michael's original words. You can't put a price on it, really. An auction is the only fair way to assess the value. And the most democratic way, I might add.

Yes, isn't it great Michael was acquitted? That woulda been such an injustice. It's the best system in the world we have! You get your day in court, bottom line. A jury of your peers, know what I'm sayin'?

Guilty verdict? No, never entered my mind. Oh! You mean, what would a guilty verdict have meant in terms of value of this stuff I'm auctioning. I honestly don't know. Who can say? I never really thought about it. The items are priceless no matter what would have happened. I mean, it's Michael Jackson we're talking about here. Michael Jackson.

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