Thursday, June 30, 2005

Former Houston Post editor going toe-to-toe with Norman Mailer

Esther Wu, a former editor at The Houston Post who's now at The Dallas Morning News, is engaged in a back-and-forth with legendary novelist Norman Mailer who has derided an Asian-American book reviewer at The New York Times. He called the Times writer a a "kamikaze... Asiatic... token... two-fer... hire."

Esther, pictured above, is prez of the Asian American Journalists Association, so she's gotta make a stand.

Punch him in the schnozz, Esther! And if that doesn't work, go for the 'nads. He probably doesn't wear a protective cup, so his janglies are definitely vulnerable. I figure Esther could take Mailer. He's really really old now, but remember, he does like to mix it up, and he may be armed. He stabbed one of wives -- with a pen knife.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Esther to watch out for flying shot glasses.

Gore V